One of the most surprising best buys we have done is the portable speaker from Bose. A Must-Have if you like listen to music on the road. My husband was talking about buying a speaker to take with us when traveling, but I didn’t believe it was worth it. He bought the Bose Soundlink Mini II and we were both very surprised to hear the amazing sound that comes out of that little box. It connects easily with Bluetooth to your smartphone. It is small enough to carry around in your handbag or basket. Perfect to take with on a Picnic. It has a deep voluminous sound like a big speaker. Even at low volume you enjoy the deep comfortable sound. It is also nice for those romantic evenings or relaxing yourself in the bathtub. It can also go powerful with loud volume. We had a garden party and everybody was dancing to the music. Afterwards all the neighbours bought a speaker like this. If you put it close to a wall the sound gets even better. The battery lasts forever, on full power for several hours. We never had any battery problems.

We always take it with when we travel. When going on airplane you should take it in hand luggage and show it when you go through security.

Portable Speaker with amazing sound