During pregnancy, you need to eat more because you are eating for you and your baby. You gain weight. That is normal. You shouldn’t restrict yourself; your baby needs nutrition to grow.

After the pregnancy, you can start working on getting your figure back. After 5 pregnancies, I needed to do this 5 times.

How to get Figure Back after Pregnancy

The best thing you do is breastfeed your baby. It is the best nutrition your baby can get. It is a win-win situation. You lose weight. Your baby gains weight.

You should continue to eat healthy as you hopefully did during the pregnancy. The things you eat go into the breast milk.

I stick to a healthy diet. I eat almost everything, but I skip the sugar. I don’t eat fast food, sweets, candy, ice cream, cake, desserts, or chips.

I am very strict about keeping the meal times. I don’t eat any snacks in between meals. If I am hungry, I drink a glass of water and wait until mealtime. I don’t restrict myself when eating. I eat until I am satisfied.

I drink lots of water, tea, and unsweetened Orange juice. I don’t drink fizzy drinks, lemonade, or other drinks that contain sugar. In the morning I like to have 1 cup of coffee. I don’t drink any alcohol while breastfeeding.

After giving birth, there is a lot of extra skin around the stomach area after the stomach suddenly got smaller when the baby went out. I tie my stomach with a belly wrap. That helps the skin to recover and shrink back again. I start to wear that right after birth, still in the hospital. I wear it the whole day and night. I only take it off while showering. The results start to show quickly.

I start to move right after pregnancy. My children were all born naturally so I didn’t have to lie in bed due to surgery. I take short walks or go up and down the stairs at home. Get the blood circulation moving helps to take care of the body, mind, and soul. It makes you feel good and energized.

It is essential during and after pregnancy to put oil and lotion on your skin, especially on the stomach, hips, and breasts.