All my five kids always slept through the night. We have never had sleepless nights because of a crying baby. Here is my secret How to let babies sleep through the night.

Babies make a lot of noise at night, but they don’t always need something. Sometimes they are just complaining or crying because they’re trying to get back to sleep. Babies cry differently when they are asking for food, when it is too hot or too cold, when the diaper needs to be changed, when they are hungry, or having a bad dream.

How I raise quiet Babies

When a baby is sleeping at night and starts to cry, I don’t pick up the baby right away. I wait for a moment and listen to the cry of the baby, allowing the baby to fall asleep again by himself or herself. I start this when they are just a few weeks old. Most of the time, babies are not fully awake when they start crying, so you might make it worse if you pick them up. Babies need time to learn how to get back to sleep by themselves, and you should help them. As the baby gets older, I give them more time to fall back to sleep. This doesn’t mean you should ignore a crying baby. You should listen to the cry and figure out what the baby needs.

I don’t feed the baby at night. It interferes with their sleep. I breastfeed before sleeping around 7-8 pm. and then again in the morning around 4 am. It is unlikely that the baby needs food during the night; the same applies to adults. If it’s too hot, the baby might be thirsty and wants to drink water.

I never rock the baby to sleep. I put the baby down in his bed, allowing the baby to fall asleep by himself. All my kids go to bed at 7 pm and sleep through the night.

Night time means that all the lights in the room are off. I never had a night lamp in their bedrooms. After finish saying a prayer, I kiss good night and turn off all the lights. The bedroom stays dark and quiet during the night.

How to let babies sleep through the night

  • Feed the Baby before going to bed
  • Don’t rock the baby to sleep.
  • Keep bedroom dark
  • Always put the baby to bed at the same time. Stick to the same routine every day.
  • Wait before responding to your baby, if waking up in the night.
  • Listen to their cry and figure out what they want.
  • Give them a chance to fall back asleep on their own.