At the start of your travel, you don’t want to have stress or hassles. Follow this checklist to have a pleasant start:

  • Make a checklist of all items to pack.

  • Pack all bags a week before departure.

  • Minimize the hand luggage. It is much easier to travel light. Especially when travelling with children.

  • Allow the kids to pack and handle their own lugagge bags. It makes them even more excited about the journey.

  • You might want to take a stroller with. Be aware that after the flight it will arrive late at the luggage claim and probably scratched and dirty. Some airlines wrap it in a plastic bag to prevent this. Alternatives are a small folding carry-on stroller to take with as hand-luggage or a Baby Carrier.

  • On the evening before departure, do an online check-in. This will save you a lot of time at the airport.

  • During booking of the ticket you can order children’s menu for the flight.

  • Arrive at the airport 3-4h before departure. That gives you enough time to arrive at the gate, relax in the lounge or do some shopping.

  • In some countries, for example China, you need to fill in departure cards to hand in at the passport control. Do this at the hotel and have them ready.

  • When travelling with babies and young children you may be allowed to go through the VIP counter at the passport control and security check. Ask the service personnel.

  • At the security check you can take baby food, baby drink and medicine through. All other liquids over 100ml are not allowed.

  • You need to unpack laptops, ipads, power banks and electrical equipment, take off jacket, belt and sometimes shoes. Here at security check you will be happy not taking much hand luggage.

  • After security check you go to the gate of your flight. Look for areas nearby where you can sit down and relax or go to the Lounge. Often you find play corners for the children. Now the hassles at the airport are over.

  • When boarding starts, families with children are allowed to board first. Just go in front of the queue. Keep boarding passes and passports ready.

  • Have a nice flight!

Departure at the Airport