When going around with a small child, it isn’t always possible to use a baby stroller. I use a Baby Carrier. It keeps your hands free. Even at home, when you have to prepare food, you can carry your baby on your back. The child likes to be near mummy and enjoys it. When you are shopping it saves lot’s of time because you don’t need to find elevators.

The Great Wall of China

If you go hiking you can’t bring a stroller with you. A young child can face you and when it gets older it can face the front and explore. I even breastfeed the child while I am walking around and doing shopping. Nobody notices that. I don’t have to to find a quiet place to sit down. If the child falls asleep, the carrier must have a support for the head. Generally it should have a good spine, hip, head, and neck support. It is important to buy a quality Baby Carrier which is comfortable and safe. It has to fit you well so you don’t get tired. It should be easy to put it on and to put the child into it. I bought a Baby Carrier from Babybjorn and I like it very much. Highly recommended!