When my son was 5 months old he caught a cold and had a running nose. He was too small to be able to blow his nose and when he lied on his back sleeping, the mucus was also flowing upwards. Eventually I noticed that he had trouble breathing. He was like breathing with his stomach and it was as he didn’t get enough air.

We hurried to the hospital and the first thing the checked was the amount of oxygen in his blood. Luckily that was ok. Then they took an nasal aspirator and sucked the mucus out of his nose. It was unbelievable how much mucus came out. I thought, how can this amount fit in to a small body like this? We needed to stay 3 days in the hospital until he got better.

When we came home I searched in the internet for a nasal aspirator. I found the product Nosiboo Pro on Amazon and ordered it. It was not the cheapest one. But if you buy cheap, you buy twice. It turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Nosiboo a MUST for babies and kids!

Whenever I child gets sick I use it to suck the mucus out of the nose. Sometimes nothing comes out at first, but then from deep inside the mucus comes out. The child feels a big relief and eventually likes to have the nose cleaned.

Ever since I bought Nosiboo Pro, my children never had a serious cold or flu or a sinus infection. I think the recovery is also much faster. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a cure for everything, but it has definitely helped me a lot. I only regret not having discovered it much earlier.

There are many nasal aspirators available. I would definitely buy an electric one. The only electrical nasal aspirator I have used is Nosiboo Pro and I can really recommend it. It is easy to use and easy to clean. I am very happy with it.