A bad experience happened to us in Italy. We had a Car Break-in.

We went to the city center of the small town Peschiera at the Garda Lake in Italy and parked our car in a paid public parking. I left my handbag in the car.

We went strolling around in the city center for about an hour.

When we came to the car the side window had been broken. There was broken glass all over and my handbag was gone. I had only small amount of money in it, but also my ID, driver’s license, bank cards and so on.

Car Break-In

My husband went to the police and gave a report. They seemed to be used to this issue and didn’t care less. There were also other tourists at the police station reporting the same thing.

It was difficult to clean all the broken glass out of the car and close the window with a plastic foil so we could drive back to Germany.

Car Break-In
Car Break-In

This seems to be a problem in Italy, perhaps the thieves target cars with foreign license plates.

Don’t leave anything in the car, absolutely nothing. Try to park the car in a guarded parking or at least on a clear visible spot and not somewhere hidden in a corner. The thieves like cars hidden in quiet areas where few people pass by. The best parking spot is where there is a lot of people.