The Bell and Drum Towers are in central Beijing to the north of the Forbidden City. They were built around 700 years ago and used to announce the time of the day.

In the Bell Tower is an ancient bronze bell. It’s size is huge, 7m high and 63 tons of weight. It is incredible how they could install it at that high position several hundred years ago when they had no machines to lift it up. When it was struck, the sound was so loud and long, it could be heard all over the city.

Between the Bell and the Drum Towers is a square with no access for cars. Around the area are old Beijing style houses and narrow streets. It is called Hutongs.

In the Drum Tower there were several Drums that were beaten also to announce the time.

At the Drum Tower is a small shop where we could buy cold drinks and ice cream. The kids loved the pineapple flavoured ice cream.