Shangri-La Hohhot

The beautiful Shangri-La hotel in the city centre of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia is a 5-Star hotel and very elegant and clean. They have top luxury decorations and paintings. High ceilings with huge crystal lights. They have historic Mongolian style houses and artifacts.

Shangri-La Hohhot
Shangri-La Hohhot
Shangri-La Hohhot


The Hotel is located in the city center of Hohhot. It is a perfect location.

Shangri-La Hohhot


The rooms are nice and big with expensive wooden furniture. We had suites with a beautiful view. It was quiet. We didn’t notice any noise from other guests.

Shangri-La Hohhot


Many of the staff was beautifully dressed up in traditional Mongolian costumes. They were very friendly and the service was good.


The breakfast was Western and Chinese with a big selection of food. We always had a dinner buffet in the evening. They had a Seafood buffet with all kinds of seafood and Japanese Sushi, but they also had grilled beef and Mongolian lamb chops. In a second restaurant was a Grill buffet with beef and burgers. The kids love to go to a dinner buffet. They can choose whatever they like to eat. It is always easy for everybody. No waiting for the ordered food to come.

Shangri-La Hohhot


Next to the Lobby was the Lounge with relaxing live music. The hotel also had a lovely designed and Mongolian decorated bar with live music in the evening. It was very nice and comfortable to enjoy the evening after the kids were in bed.

Shangri-La Hohhot


There is a nice indoor swimming pool. Also a smaller pool for young children. By the pool is a small shop that sells swimming clothes and hair caps. You are not allowed to enter the pool without a hair cap and goggles.

Shangri-La Hohhot

Child friendly

At the Restaurant the didn’t charge for children below 6 years old. Children between 6 and 12 pay half price. There were plenty child seats at the restaurant and a play area. The room however didn’t offer baby cots. That is normal in China.


The hotel is clean, tidy and well maintained. However there was a scent of cigarette smell in the room. Other guests had been smoking inside the room before.

My Rating for Shangri-La Hohhot