We went to the Kubuqi Desert. It’s a small desert in Inner Mongolia, China, near the city of Baotou. It has beautiful dunes and sand. It is located just to the South of the Gobi Desert. The kids wanted to ride a camel. On our way to the Kubuqi Desert Tourism area, a big thunderstorm started. It rained so heavy that we needed to stop the car at a petrol station. It didn’t stop raining so we decided to go back. We couldn’t turn around on the highway and we had to drive a long distance to be able to do a u-turn.

We went to a place called Kubuqi Desert Park, but there was nothing happening and we were the only people around. We decided to go back to another place which we had seen from the highway. It is called Dalad Xiangshawan Tourist Area. There were lots of local tourists. We took a cable car ride into the desert. There was a hotel with a swimming pool and attractions, including a camel ride. It was very hot in the desert and no place to escape the strong sunshine. But it was fun.