We went to Inner Mongolia from Beijing. Soon after exiting Beijing it gets steep up the mountains. The Great Wall of China passes through those mountains and Highway passes through a gate in the Great Wall. With such a sight it is hard for the driver to keep his eyes on the road. As we approached Inner Mongolia the landscape started to change. We could see mountains and a lot of open landscape. Often we saw the traditional Mongol tents or buildings, called Yurts.It reminded me of both Iceland and South Africa. The mountains and the sheeps like in Iceland and the Grasslands, houses and the atmosphere like in South Africa. The traffic on the highway was very light and it was an easy and comfortable trip. 

After a 7 hours’ trip we arrived in the city of Hohhot, which is the capital of Inner Mongolia. We stopped downtown and walked around to look for a restaurant to have lunch. As we were about to enter a shopping building, we were approached by a Chinese couple. They wished us welcome in their country and insisted to show us some restaurant alternatives. They recommended a place where we had a Chinese Buffet. It was really busy during lunch, but it was delicious.

I felt good here. I felt like home.