If you are visiting Hong Kong you should use the oppurtunity to take a day trip to Macau. You can take a bus over the longest sea crossing bridge in the world or you can take the speed ferry.

From Hong Kong to Macau

The speed ferry takes less than an hour to travel the distance of 60 km to Macau from Hong Kong. There are 2 main ferry operators offering speed ferry transport to Macau. TurboJET and Cotai Water Jet. TurboJET serves Macau Outer Ferry Terminal, close to the Old City Center of Macau. Cotai Water Jet serves Taipa Ferry terminal, close to the new area of Macau with Casinos and hotels.

From Hong Kong to Macau

On the ferry you get a seat similar like in an airplane. On the way they serve some snacks and drinks. You can also choose the first class with lounge access and a hot meal during the trip. Before you board the ferry and when you enter Macau, you need to go through immigration and show your passport.

From Hong Kong to Macau

Hong Kong Sheung Wan is the main ferry terminal. During the day and evening the ferries departure every 20-30 min. There is no need to book a specific time. Just go to the ferry terminal and take the next ferry. In case you have luggage with you and you don’t want to carry it, there is a luggage storage service in the terminal.

From Hong Kong to Macau

How to get there

Take the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau...


  • From Downtown take the Blue MRT line to Hong Kong Island, station Sheung Wan
  • Go upstairs in the building, follow the signs to the Macau Ferry
  • You will find both Ferry operators, TurboJET and Cotai Water Jet

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