I always connect to my kids before I jump into correcting them.

Often when the kids are playing together, one comes crying and blaming the others doing something to him. In a situation like this, I tell him to sit down and stay with me. The child expects the parent to solve the problem. I don’t do this if I was not there when they were playing, and I can’t tell who is right and who is wrong.

Most moms react too quickly in situations like this, blaming the other children for being wrong to their child. Some parents even call the parents of the other child, and they often end up not talking to each other anymore.

Connect before correcting

I avoid things like this. I never call the other parent questioning or complaining about what happened in the playground because we were both not there. Instead, I tell my child to stay home and be with mommy, but that is boring, and a few minutes later, he is outside playing with the same kids again. And everything is forgotten.

The kids forget about small conflicts so quickly and start to play together again, but for most parents, it is not so easy, and friendships get ruined.

All in all, they are just kids and they will not be perfect all the time. We parents need to understand this. Once we were also kids and it’s totally fine to tease now and then. As long as there is no bulling involved.