If you are travelling in China, especially in the Sichuan area you can’t miss the Sichuan HotPot-Restaurants. They are all over. It is very delicious and a must try.

You have a pot in the middle of the table in front of you. It is often divided in to two sections with each filled with a broth, one spicy and one mild. Both of them have many kind of spices inside. The hot broth is very tasty and is usually very spicy.

From the menu you order different kinds of meat and vegetables. As a side dip you prepare yourself a sauce, often with peanutsauce, sesam oil, garlic, herbs and chillies.

You put the meat slices and the vegetables in to the broth and wait a moment until it is cooked. Then you take it out, dip it in to your sauce before enjoying it.

Sichuan HotPot

A HotPot with one spicy section and one less spicy.

Sichuan HotPot

A boiling HotPot.