I have never had a hole in a tooth. I never had any repair, never any caries. Never staines even though I drink coffee. The only thing the dentist has given me are compliments. How do I keep my teeth clean, shiny and white? I have always brushed my teeth very well. I don´t hurry when I am brushing my teeth. I do it carefully and thoroughly. I teach my children to take care of their teeth. It is the nicest thing to have, a nice smile.

How I keep my teeth White and Shiny!

For several years I have been using Philips Sonicare toothbrushes. Now I have the newest model Diamond Clean. I can really recommend it. The brush head is very good. It has uneven layers so it is easy to go in between the teeth. They get shiny and clean. You can feel it in your mouth after brushing them. It is important to have a quality toothbrush. Change the heads regularly.