Four Seasons Beijing


Four Seasons Beijing is a 5-Star Hotel in the Chaoyang district. It's very modern, luxury, beautiful and clean. They have designer decorations and paintings. High ceilings with huge crystal lights, dark wood and warm colors. We visited Beijing in winter time and it was snowing, which doesn't happen very often. Location The [...]

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Nightlife by the Houhai Lake


Houhai Lake is a large lake in downtown Beijing. It was constructed over 700 years ago and was exclusively for the Royal family. It has since then been a popular area with many wine shops, workshops and performance stages. It is a good place to stroll around and enjoy. In summertime to take a boat ride on the lake and [...]

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Strolling through the Forbidden City


The Emperors of China resided and ruled in the Forbidden City for almost 500 years. It is in the center of Beijing. Ordinary people were not allowed to enter. Only the Emperor and his staff. It consists of almost 1000 buildings. When it was built in the years 1406-1420 the best architects and craftsmen were hired for it. The [...]

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Ten Thousand Happinesses


Lama Temple Beijing is a monastery and temple of Tibetan Buddhism located centrally in Beijing. The architecture and artwork of the temple is of Chinese and Tibetan style. It is very beautiful. It was constructed around 300 years ago. It is the largest and best-preserved lamasery in China. It consists of several Pavilions with [...]

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The Park for Emperors


Beihai Park in Beijing is located next to the Forbidden City in Beijing. It has a history of 1000 years. It was the Imperial Garden of ancient China. It is around a big lake, Beihai Lake. On an island is the White Pagoda. There are several Pavilions and Temples in the park. We [...]

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Temple of Heaven


The Temple of Heaven is one of the most famous Beijing tourist attractions. It was constructed at the same time as the Forbidden City in the years 1406-1420. The Emperors of China visited Temple of Heaven for ceremonies of prayer for good harvest. These were very important ceremonies that had to be perfectly held in terms of preparation, time, [...]

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Timekeeping Bell & Drum Towers


The Bell and Drum Towers are in central Beijing to the north of the Forbidden City. They were built around 700 years ago and used to announce the time of the day. In the Bell Tower is an ancient bronze bell. It's size is huge, 7m high and 63 tons of weight. It is incredible how they could [...]

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Beijing Wildlife Park


Beijing Wildlife Park is located in the South of Beijing. It is divided in to 2 sections. A normal Zoo with exhibition halls with animals and a self-driving section with the animals free in bigger areas outside. We drove the self-driving area. It is also possible to go with a shuttle bus. The animals are well kept. They have [...]

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