Shangri-La Hohhot


The beautiful Shangri-La hotel in the city centre of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia is a 5-Star hotel and very elegant and clean. They have top luxury decorations and paintings. High ceilings with huge crystal lights. They have historic Mongolian style houses and artifacts. Location The Hotel is located in the city center of Hohhot. [...]

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In the City of Hohhot


There are many things to see in Hohhot, in the city center are several places to visit. We walked the Saishang Old Street where it is possible to buy all kinds of Mongolian souvenirs. We came to Dazhao square. Across the road from the Dazhao square is the Xili Tuzhao temple. It is an old Buddhist temple with a [...]

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The amazing Mongolian Grasslands


The Mongolian Grasslands are huge areas with green grass and tremendous nature. Home to nomadic people, Gazelles, and even the Siberian Tiger. We went to a traditional Mongolian village in the Grasslands. We were driving slowly and looking for where to go, when a guy on a motorbike approached us. Normally in a situation like this you don't stop. [...]

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Arriving in Inner Mongolia


We went to Inner Mongolia from Beijing. Soon after exiting Beijing it gets steep up the mountains. The Great Wall of China passes through those mountains and Highway passes through a gate in the Great Wall. With such a sight it is hard for the driver to keep his eyes on the road. As we approached Inner Mongolia the landscape [...]

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Desert in Inner Mongolia


We went to the Kubuqi Desert. It's a small desert in Inner Mongolia, China, near the city of Baotou. It has beautiful dunes and sand. It is located just to the South of the Gobi Desert. The kids wanted to ride a camel. On our way to the Kubuqi Desert Tourism area, a big thunderstorm started. It rained so [...]

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