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My favorite headphones


Are you looking for headphones with excellent and comfortable sound? Bose Noise-canceling headphones are perfect. They connect via bluetooth to the phone so you have your hands free and no disturbing cables. I use them all the time when I am tidying up at home or relaxing on a train or airplane. The noise canceling function for the [...]

My favorite headphones2020-03-13T06:21:29+08:00

Portable Speaker with amazing sound


One of the most surprising best buys we have done is the portable speaker from Bose. A Must-Have if you like listen to music on the road. My husband was talking about buying a speaker to take with us when traveling, but I didn't believe it was worth it. He bought the Bose Soundlink Mini II and we were [...]

Portable Speaker with amazing sound2020-02-24T20:26:00+08:00

Using a Baby Carrier


When going around with a small child, it isn’t always possible to use a baby stroller. I use a Baby Carrier. It keeps your hands free. Even at home, when you have to prepare food, you can carry your baby on your back. The child likes to be near mummy and enjoys it. When you are shopping it saves [...]

Using a Baby Carrier2020-02-24T20:01:14+08:00

Departure at the Airport


At the start of your travel, you don't want to have stress or hassles. Follow this checklist to have a pleasant start: Make a checklist of all items to pack. Pack all bags a week before departure. Minimize the hand luggage. It is much easier to travel light. Especially when travelling with children. [...]

Departure at the Airport2020-02-24T20:11:15+08:00

Car Break-In


A bad experience happened to us in Italy. We had a Car Break-in. We went to the city center of the small town Peschiera at the Garda Lake in Italy and parked our car in a paid public parking. I left my handbag in the car. We went strolling around in the city center for about an hour. When [...]

Car Break-In2020-02-24T20:27:10+08:00
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