Romantic Macau City Center


Macau is a former Portuguese colony. It was established in the 16th century and was the first European colony in China. It was also the last European colony in China. Macau was handed back to China from Portugal in Dec 1999. In Macau City Center you find everything you want. From low price articles up to luxury brands. Many [...]

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Kun Lam Lady Buddha


The Kun Lam Lady Buddha statute in Macau is the only female Buddha statue in the world. The Portuguese government built it before they handed Macau back to China to wish the people of Macau good luck. It is a 32 meter tall bronze statue at a scenic spot by the sea. Close by is the [...]

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Macau – Las Vegas of the East


Macau has many Casinos. They are all over the city. That's why Macau is often called Las Vegas of the East. You can easily recognise the Casinos from their luxury appearance. Casino in Macau The turnaround of money in Macau is more than in Las Vegas. We went to The Venetian Macau. It is [...]

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From Hong Kong to Macau


If you are visiting Hong Kong you should use the oppurtunity to take a day trip to Macau. You can take a bus over the longest sea crossing bridge in the world or you can take the speed ferry. The speed ferry takes less than an hour to travel the distance of 60 km to Macau [...]

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