If a child has fever – a MUST Thermometer


If your child doesn't feel well or wakes up crying in the middle of the night, it is important to be able to check and monitor the childs temperature quickly and easily. In such a situation, the child doesn't have patience or ability to have a thermometer in the mouth or under the arm or elsewhere. Once, when my [...]

If a child has fever – a MUST Thermometer2020-02-24T20:23:39+08:00

Nosiboo – a MUST for babies and kids!


When my son was 5 months old he caught a cold and had a running nose. He was too small to be able to blow his nose and when he lied on his back sleeping, the mucus was also flowing upwards. Eventually I noticed that he had trouble breathing. He was like breathing with his stomach and it was [...]

Nosiboo – a MUST for babies and kids!2020-02-24T20:23:42+08:00

Using a Baby Carrier


When going around with a small child, it isn’t always possible to use a baby stroller. I use a Baby Carrier. It keeps your hands free. Even at home, when you have to prepare food, you can carry your baby on your back. The child likes to be near mummy and enjoys it. When you are shopping it saves [...]

Using a Baby Carrier2020-02-24T20:01:14+08:00

We support the Little Adoption Shop of Pets


The Little Adoption Shop in Beijing is a rescue and adoption organization for pets in need. I love dogs and so does my daughter. She has always been asking for a dog. She wanted to support the Little Adoption Shop. She saved her pocket money and donated it to them. She did a presentation about the organization and showed [...]

We support the Little Adoption Shop of Pets2020-02-24T20:12:41+08:00

Our Favorite Birthday Cake


Here is a birthday cake that the kids love. We have had several kinds of birthday cakes, fancy ones from the bakery, but after I baked this one the first time, the kids want it again and again. We have 5 children birthdays per year. It is very easy. You don't need to be an artist to get this [...]

Our Favorite Birthday Cake2020-02-24T20:12:34+08:00
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