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Hi all! Thanks a lot for visiting my new website. I just launched it and I am so busy putting in lots of stuff. I am working on it all the time and I will be putting in new content here soon. Please look around my other sections and come back soon! You can also subscribe to my newsletter. [...]

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Need for Attention


Why do children misbehave? Complain and cry. Generally, it’s not because they are naughty; they need attention. My 4-year-old son used to act strange when I paid much attention to his siblings. He would disturb the conversation by making noise or do things that he is not allowed to do. Instead of getting angry, I always tell him how [...]

Need for Attention2020-02-24T20:31:40+08:00

Connect before correcting


I always connect to my kids before I jump into correcting them. Often when the kids are playing together, one comes crying and blaming the others doing something to him. In a situation like this, I tell him to sit down and stay with me. The child expects the parent to solve the problem. I don’t do this if [...]

Connect before correcting2020-02-24T20:31:37+08:00
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