How I raise quiet Babies


All my five kids always slept through the night. We have never had sleepless nights because of a crying baby. Here is my secret How to let babies sleep through the night. Babies make a lot of noise at night, but they don't always need something. Sometimes they are just complaining or crying because they're trying to get back [...]

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Hi all! Thanks a lot for visiting my new website. I just launched it and I am so busy putting in lots of stuff. I am working on it all the time and I will be putting in new content here soon. Please look around my other sections and come back soon! You can also subscribe to my newsletter. [...]

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How to get Figure Back after Pregnancy


During pregnancy, you need to eat more because you are eating for you and your baby. You gain weight. That is normal. You shouldn't restrict yourself; your baby needs nutrition to grow. After the pregnancy, you can start working on getting your figure back. After 5 pregnancies, I needed to do this 5 times. The best [...]

How to get Figure Back after Pregnancy2020-02-24T20:31:32+08:00
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