Lunch at Migas Mercado


Migas mercado is a Spanish Restaurant in Beijing. It is located in the China World Mall on the 7th floor. They have a nice Spanish atmosphere and a huge menu. Lots of different kind of Tapas and Spanish specialties. We had some Tapas for lunch and it was very nice. Highly recommended. From the Terrace is a great view [...]

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Premium Brand Outlets


Yep, here I am, ten years, a husband and 5 children later. Still loving the same things as before but I have a different mindset! Premium Brand Outlets have become my best friends. I find ways to still look and feel fabulous without spending so much. I only buy the things I need and I want the most! You [...]

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Sichuan HotPot


If you are travelling in China, especially in the Sichuan area you can't miss the Sichuan HotPot-Restaurants. They are all over. It is very delicious and a must try. You have a pot in the middle of the table in front of you. It is often divided in to two sections with each filled with a broth, one spicy [...]

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Chinese Dining


The Chinese way of dining is different than in Western Countries. It is an important social event. People sit at a round table. In the middle of the table is a turntable with the food on. There are many different kinds of food. The turntable is turned regularly and you pick the food from the plates with a spoon [...]

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