Gain ten years younger


I want to share my experience with you guys about a brilliant face cleaning device. I have sensitive skin. I can't use just any soap or cream. Usually, I get a rash or pimples if I use something new. I must carefully select the products for my face. Several years ago, my husband bought me the Foreo Luna facial [...]

Gain ten years younger2020-02-24T20:32:14+08:00

How I keep my teeth White & Shiny!


I have never had a hole in a tooth. I never had any repair, never any caries. Never staines even though I drink coffee. The only thing the dentist has given me are compliments. How do I keep my teeth clean, shiny and white? I have always brushed my teeth very well. I don´t hurry when I am brushing [...]

How I keep my teeth White & Shiny!2020-02-24T20:25:40+08:00